Cori Capp is a life coach trained at the Adler School of Professional Coaching, earning the designation of Adler Trained Coach. (ATC) She also holds a BA in sociology.

Cori's Clients also benefit from her many years of work as a head-hunter in the financial arena. It was here that she honed her abilities of non-judgment, acceptance and appreciation of the 'unique and original' in people.

Cori's greatest achievement is being mom to three spirited beautiful beings aged 9, 18, 21.
Having transcended the demise of her marriage, Cori chooses to live an intentional driven life.

Cori brings curiosity, playfulness and empathy to each of her coaching sessions. She is fearless in her ability to seek out truth. By engaging her clients in powerful conversations which deepen their understanding of themselves they are propelled into action.  With creativity, spiritual wisdom and a finely tuned intuitiveness, Cori consistently connects with the raw and real in each of her clients. "They truly feel seen by her on a very different level."

Her Mantra is, "If Not Now, When?"